Standard range of grades

Standard range of grades

Our grades are set up with tight chemistries. Thanks to that, you will find our product performances the same, delivery after delivery.

Customized grades

If you cannot find a suitable grade within our standard range, we can set up new grades to meet your unique chemistries.

Heat Sizes

We can set up new customized grades to meet your unique needs. Heat sizes are:

  • Appr. 8 tonnes (17,000 lbs)
  • Appr. 60 tonnes (132, 000 lbs)
  • Appr. 120 tonnes (265,000 lbs)

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

Depending on grade, our MOQ:s are:

  • Wire Rod: 3 tonnes (6,600 lbs) up to a full heat
  • Drawn Wire: 900 kg (2,000 lbs) up to a full heat